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Babeeeeeee, Just opened, I have never received a parcel like this, Omg
So cantikkkkk, I loveee your service, The sareee issss soooooo prettyyyyyyyy,
I cant wait to drape it on my bday, Thank u for the earing and tea darlingg,
Wil def try it n let u knw


Hello there. I'm am truly happy and very very very impressed of your shipment concept. Its beyond words. Soooooo satisfied with your product. I'm waiting to stich and wear it too !!!!! Thank you soooo much for this excellent service. I've never received anything like this. Your packaging and the free gifts you sent was very beautiful. Keep up this great work. You will truly be blessed with tons of customers. I will definitely introduce your product and services to all my friends and family. Thank you once again !!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


The parcel received sis.. I really love the set
Thank you for the nice packaging

Jaya LetchumiCustomer

I love the packaging n the card and the set
Thank you!


Yes...very beautiful..n i really like the way u wrap it.
Tqvm for gift..i was not expecting it..was very excited n beautiful


Hai dear, all 3 sets in good condition & looks as i expected
Thank you so much for the free gifts also ☺️
Surely will purchase more from you ❤️

Komathi SureshCustomer

My daugter loves it. Nice packaging and tks for the earings❤️
You are very humble and helpfully. Like dealing with u
If anything interesting in your website will let u know ok
You being a seller, will definitely prosper.
Just be humble and patience like this. Wish u the best.


Hi dear, finally checked out the saree I love the colour! And thank you so much for the free gift ❣️

Shun PengCustomer

I just came back!!! N I immediately rushed to open de box!!
Thank u so much!!!
Everything was so lovely n beautiful!!
Thank u so much for de gift as well!!!!
I love each n every piece of it!!!!
I dun really give online review
But I think u guys deserve it!
I’ve tagged ur page in insta!
Happy weekend n thank u once again!
Will surely buy more from u!


Thank you for the items I purchased… nice packaging and thanks for the free gift 🎁


I have received the parcel safely. Thank youuu very much. To be honest your packaging is so beautiful and such a warm colour. I loved everything gifts and saree as well 🤍🤍🤍🤍 so happy to purchase from you😊🌹

So sweet of you and little things inside made my day. Wish you all the very best for reaching greater heights🤗❤️